Sunday, February 03, 2008

Whole Lotta Nothin'

We've had constant rain and snow since my last post. I've collected another 14". Gray is the motif of the moment. We've had lots of snow all this last week, and even down at lower elevations there was significant accumulation. We took a hectic drive up north for an animal fundraiser, and got to drive in snow on HWY 101 all the way to Fortuna! I have not been inspired to take many photos...I downloaded just 11 and 2 more videos today. The videos have been a lot of fun to mess around with. I am on a dog powered tangent. Although the dogs love the cooler temps, icy rain is not exactly our favorite running weather. Right now the ground is saturated and overflowing everywhere. I think I lost another plum tree to the damn root chewers that infest my homestead. It is a real nice 6 year old prune plum that's all rocking in its socket. It feels like it has less than half a root... we'll see. I figure I will weed around it real good, and back-fill it with rocks and soil to prop it up. Sigh. ...I can't wait for spring to come.


Headwrapper said...
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Headwrapper said...

Luvin your videos. My fave the naughty dogs --!

jojo said...

hey! Thanks for stopping by and commenting those comments. They are little bursts of human connection to ease the blogger blahs. The vidoes, and riding with those wild pups has been some fun. xxoo