Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Meat Free Society? And What About the Dogs?

I am HIGHLY disturbed by the recent meat recall of 143 million pounds of beef - part of a two year supply that has largely already been consumed by public school students, and patrons of fast food joints. Ugh! The abuse of animals goes beyond the issue surrounding this recall, which was the processing of downed, and obviously ill, cattle for human consumption. To go deeper, watch Meet Your Meat -It is an extremely graphic depiction of the suffering and inhumane existence most animals raised for meat, milk or eggs must endure. Not Green Acres here gang, or my Grandma's barn. Those were the good old days. Personally, I already avoid consuming meat at virtually every meal, now I think my poor little doggies might have to go all vegi. According to the National Research Council (NRC) "Dogs require specified nutrients, not specific feedstuffs." I am feeling very powerless about it all, and I wish in this world there was more respect shown to animals. You can bet there's no vegi-head dogs on the Iditarod. Oh no my friend, hundreds of pounds of lamb, turkey, fish, and Lord-knows-what-all are fed to those sled dogs daily...probably hourly. But I love those little mushers. The whole topic is controversial I know, and it triggers a lot of self defense in people because they think they need it (and it tastes good!) Although it is a far fetched notion, I'm posting some interesting vegi-doggie links ...sorta like sending out a prayer. Maybe Spirit will move humanity to compassion....and doggies everywhere to love rice and carrots, over lamb and chicken...!?!

Vegetarian Dog Food Sources:

The Warm Store; offers dog and cat food in their mail order catalog. (800) 889-WARM.
12 Tannery Brook Road, Woodstock, NY 12498.

Nature's Recipe; Vegan canned food and kibble for dogs (800) 237-3856.
341 Bonnie Circle, Corona, CA 91720.

Basically Natural; Vegan dog food and a variety of cruelty free human and animal products. (800) 352 7099; (301) 834-7923.
109 East G Street Brunswick, MD 21716.

Harbingers of a New Age; Vegetarian cat and dog book, as well as a supplement mix designed to go with their homemade recipe. (406) 295-4944.
717 E. Missoula Ave, Troy, MT 59935-9609.

Wow-Bow Distributor Ltd.; A variety of vegan/vegetarian dog foods. Also meat based products. NY (516) 254-6064; (800) 326-0230.
13B Lucon Drive Deer Park, NY 11729.

Natural Life Pet Products, Inc.; Vegan (?) dog food. Available from veterinarians and pet food centers. (800) 367-2391.
Frontenac, Kansas 66762.

Wysong Corporation; Vegetarian dog food. (800) 748-0188.
Dept. CF, 1880 N. Eastman Ave., Midland, MI 48642.

Vegetarian Dog Information Sources
Vegetarian Society has presented a well organized, fairly comprehensive information resource on a vegetarian (not vegan, I believe) diet for dogs. Peta's Meat Stinks collects a series of articles that PETA has created that discuss the issue of vegetarian dogs.

Vegetarian Cat! Information Sources
Vegan Cats is a site that takes vegetarianism even one step further. Learn more about the issue and buy specially formulated foods that make this possible.
General Vegetarian Information Sources
Vegetarian Central is a gateway to vegetarian resources/sites on the web. It is a must-see for vegetarians.
Radar3 lists a variety of general purpose vegetarian links from this content organizer.
Animal Rights Resource Site provides a wide variety and in-depth guide to animal rights related issues and information. A very serious site for those interested in exploring animal rights theory and action.

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