Sunday, February 24, 2008

Untitled February Post

Even MR Tiki has the Flu Right Now...Poor guy. The rock on his head looks like a cool block of ice.Pansies Comeback 2008...
Pepper and Snoopy in Doggy Jail...The fence got left open last week and good little Snoopy stayed right by me, but Pepper got out to visit a neighboring herd of horses. Once on the ridge facing her prey, she just stood there and barked. Bad dog. Go home! She was recaptured by the middle daughter before too long. Sorry, M.
Rose Hips...and Buster Sleeps...Boy! Does he!
Daffodils Jumping Up to Greet the Sky...Notice the thick, self-seeded stand of chard in the background. Below, Random Bloomin' Beauty...A Favorite Spot on the South Fork of the Eel River near Miranda, Ca...Wide turn in the river fills my eyes.

My blog became a vegetarian soap box for a brief moment there. I hope you all considered the issues and appreciated the little cow cartoon. Sunny days have given way to a hyped up storm that really hasn't amounted to anything of note. A couple gusts of whistling wind came through, but beyond that it, pretty wimpy - considering all the press attention given to it this last week. Warm and dry weather is in the forecast for the week ahead, so I hope to accomplish some homestead chores with renewed energy. We were all down with the Tiki Fever, and various other parts of my body were acting uncooperative as well. With that behind us I am now looking forward to participating in this great adventure called health. I did manage to prune all grapevines and about 6 of the smaller fruit trees. One branch at a time from here on out...

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