Wednesday, January 24, 2007

it's all blue skies...

A high pressure kept us in a summer pattern of warm days and cool nights. Luckily, nothing has jumped the gun in terms of blooming... but time will tell. Took the girls, and pups, to the beach for our anniversary. 12 years.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

it is a long time fever

I am facing this new year with renewed inspiration for the land and my visions here. There is more to the wealth of nature than can be measured. The cold air that saw the puddles frozen solid for the last week has finally lifted. Now we are hoping for rain.

My two oldest dogs passed on last year. Chili, in August to natural causes, though he lived his final nearly 5 years blind and in the end deaf as well. So his was a bittersweet passing. My best dog, Barney's daughter ShyGirl was euthanized in late November. The monks say, "It is the fool that grieves too much for the passing of a canine friend for only if we are very old when we get our little pups will their lifespans outlast ours"...Still the reality of their passing, and the finality of death to our physical being, is sobering none the less. We miss them both very much. Pepper too, was a bit out of sorts...SO-

We are busy welcoming a new canine companion to our family. Snoopy came home to live with us on the first of the year. It has been very uplifting, but a lot of work. He is a fast learner and I believe he is bound to be a very good dog. Pepper and he play like they are old friends.

Buster has been here since last January, and is fitting in quite well as you can see....he and Pepper will often curl up together for a snooze!