Thursday, January 24, 2008

January Gray

Unbelievable Colors...The winter skies have been dramatic and pastel painted...
The Mist After Storms...It rolls over the ridges as it slowly burns off...Beautiful~!~
A Glimpse of Bear Butte Through the Mist...Below, I Love These Misty Shots...Taken a while back on the first day of clearing after so many days of rain and snow. The forest dries out.
I like the Snowy Hills East of Bear Butte...Sunsets have been pink and lovely...Below a stupid random shot taken out of the car window w/camera set to close-up (oops!) Notice turkey jumping out of the tree...
Daffodils Coming Soon...Below, Still Riding...Dogs are loving it, me too.
It's been a gloomy, dreamy January, with plenty of overcast, cold and drizzly weather. Not at all inspired for any homestead chores (think fencing work, bulbs, weeding, feeding, pruning, planting, seeding, building bee gear, etc, etc,...) but I have managed to ride most days, often in between the showers. I've been enjoying the sunsets a lot. Going out with the dogs when it is cold has been great. They are energized and we are having a total blast. We had a great hail shower a couple days back. It stacked up like Dip-N-Dots all over. Good Eating! Hmm...When the high point of your post is the snacking quality of recent precipitation, it's a slow news week indeed...more later.

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