Saturday, February 09, 2008

Vista Driven

Sunset View to the East...Beautiful long views of these remote northern California hills are a blessed event in the cold, dreary, rainy, windy, snowy ..and brrrr! Did I say cold?.. days.
The Greening of the Meadows...The rains have stopped for a few days, and a prelude to spring bursts out all over.
I am drawn to the long views these days. They are easy on the eyes and full of potential. Still, the garden has begun to bud out in certain corners. It is always amazing to me, that in the cold and dreary gray, the march towards warmth and green is underway. A camera glitch is preventing me from doing much documenting of the few bursting buds that are starting the show. It has some kind of moisture issue, probably from filming wild rides with the dogs in wet conditions and taking on the splatters and splashes of our good fun. Check out my YOUtube bikejoring videos if you want to take a ride with us. Meanwhile the camera breathes...


Kym said...

Beautiful as always, JoJo. I especially like the first one. You are very talented.

jojo said...

Kym, you are too kind, and you are a cutie in your picture. Thanks for stopping by. The sunset views after all that snow with the fabulous cloud action were remarkable. God holds the talent IMHO, I just click the shutter.