Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Spring Happens Fast at 85*

Apple Blossoms...White and Unblemished; No Rain. Below, Fiji Apple set.
CrabApple Blossoms...Nectarine...and Cherry...Cherry Blossoms Angelic..Grapes Skyward Bound...Notice how FURY the Pinot Noir Grape is...Below many Plums Plumping...The Newly Set Plum Fruit Against the Great Eel River Valley...Plenty-A-Plums.Strawberries, Already!! Below, Trillium... Spring Flowers: Tulips, Lilac, Iris, Daffodil, Clover, and Anemone, all In a Hurry in our Recent Heat Wave...
Cool, Weird, Cave Formations. Oregon Caves: Worth the Visit.This bizarre mineral flowing deposit glowed in the dark...Below, Dripping Ancient History...
Tourist Stop # 1 Trees of Mystery. Very Cool Redwood Chainsaw Carvings. I love the pup! This park also features a Very HIGH Sky Ride. Scary.
Roots...and Gourds. Gourds? Yes, still holding strong ; paying tribute to Fall of 2008 long ago.... I have taken a serious blogger break and am OK with being back. I have lots more great orchard shots, and random photos/impressions from our Oregon Field Trip to share soon. THIS post is for Brian, who I know appreciates what happens here. xxoo Jj

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

New Mushing Video

My main love..what can I say. I am of the belief that all dogs love to run and yes, even a little mini pin X dachshund like Tyke, can mush! Albeit a bit slower than the rest, Tyke proves himself to be a trooper to the end. Gotta love his swimming stylee...