Tuesday, December 30, 2008


JANUARY Lots of Snow, Dramatic Cloud Cover, Vacation and Mushing...
FEBRUARY More Snow, Clouds and what? more Mushing!?!
MARCH Tyke Visits, Rainbows, Daffodils and Fruit Trees Blooming...More Clouds
APRIL Flowers, Bees, Fruit Set, Greens, Bum Knee..
MAY So Many More flowers, Fruit set, Bees, Simba Grows, Diesel Spill...

JUNE Great Bee Pics, Amazing Display of Flowers, Fruit, Fires, More Mushing...
Enjoy! Coming Soon, Aug-Dec 2008.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Holiday Joy to You and Yours

Winter Arrives.
Fir Trees Laden with about 7" of snow. Below, Stump Snow Sculpture and Persimmon.

Rain Gauge and Bee Hive piled high with snow.
Nectarine ...and Snoopy in Motion. Snow Dogs GO!

Bee Hives Hunkered Down...notice wind break constructed of recycled pallets. And atop the hives are pieces of fire wood , to keep the covers from blowing off in severe wind. Below, Visiting Quail.
The Holidays are upon us and winter is in our midst. We have faired pretty well considering the severe storms and cold weather that has dominated the forecast for more than a week. The garden has been forced into submission. Many worker bees have died and I am finding their bodies covering the floor of and the entrance to the hives. Big strong hives have more bees to lose. So in a sense, it is a good sign. The numbers I am finding are not excessive (less than 100) but it is dramatic none the less. A knock upon the outside of the hive causes an audible "BUZZ" to well up from within. It is a reassuring sound when temperatures are below 30*, and snow is piling up all around. The dogs have been very energized, and we have had some really great runs this month. The lighted parade, and a bit of sledding with the kids, rounded out their week's activities. I hope to blog about it over at the sohummush site...but we'll see how time goes. Busy busy busy. Hurry up and relax~!~

Monday, December 15, 2008

A December to Remember - My 100th Post!!

Vista Magic...First snowfall.
Ballerina Poised for Winter Performance...Below, the Winding Road Home.
Last of Autumn, Hangin' On Flowers Still Blooming and Fruit Hanging on the Vine ...taken just days ago. Below, Figs Flavorless...they resent being planted on an east facing slope, at over 2000' elevation. The summer figs are a small crop, but are much more dependable than the fall figs, which as you can see, even in the best of Octobers miss their mark. Sigh
Last of the Peppers...and the Real Pepper!
Beautiful Evening Sky with Autumn Colors Wearing Winter Gear...
Lights in the Dark of Winter...Below, Spotlight Eden Prairie Mn: View from Home. Sigh - of bliss.
Long Shadows in the Dark of Winter.... I am (so) happy to be back on the blog. A computer glitch has kept me off my main PC for over 3 weeks. So, I taught my back-up PC all about Nikon tonight, and like magic, I am back online. December has been very warm (no hard frost ...yet.) Then, our first snows arrived Sunday, and temps are forecast in the mid-20's for this week! We have over 6" of snow here on the hill. It has been a blast, and very beautiful. More later. xxoo Jj