Saturday, December 22, 2007

Merry Christmas

Beautiful Rainbow Show...In between storms the rainbows up here can be very intense, yet fleeting. One minute it'll be a bright and magical rainbow dance, the next, a thick gray gloom settles in, to drop yet more rain or slush on us. We've had no snow to speak of, though temps have been in the 30's. I collected another 3 inches of rain - bringing the total to over 6" for this last storm. It's raining now. I am relieved that at least we've passed the Solstice by one day and can now begin the climb back into the light. phew!
Full Moon Coming On....There has been such dramatic fog and cloud activity these days...You can almost feel the chill in the air in these pics.
Silhouette of Clark's Butte...She's a real butte...yes, so beautiful in the fading light.
Merry Christmas to all...And to all, a good night.
P.S. Check out Buster in his Christmas get-up. He looks harmless enough when sleeping, but notice his claws... they are never fully retracted!...1/8th bobcat! Stay tuned for The Best Posts of 2007. In the mean time, have a blessed and safe holiday. Jj

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

December Wind and Rain

Reflection of Winter...A rain dotted Feng Shui device reflects the Firs and the grayness of the day...Below, the Calendula. Calendulas are carefree and rewarding flowers for the Humboldt homestead. Scatter them once and enjoy them for years!Can You See the Rainbow? I'm chasing rainbows in between the showers.
Narcissus Show...Sort of Ordinary, but actually quite Extraordinary...When you think about it...and breathe their intoxicating scent...Summery Dreams fill the air...
I'd like to climb right in and bask in the glow...
The Waters Run High...and Upward... These shots came not from a creek, but my yard. Abundant bubbling rivulets dot the landscape now.
Sweet Pea...Fading but not forgotten...Below, The newness and promise of the rain flow juxtaposed against the finality of the oak leaf's passing...sigh.
Pitter Patter goes the rain. Oh, and also galloosh, swoosh, whish and splash... The wind was way windy last night... so there were also some thumps and clunks, as a few wayward branches hit the roof or deck... The rainfall has been pretty steady since Sunday. I collected 3.2 " this morning from the last 48 hrs. There was more rain today, and more rain is in the forecast. Snow levels may hit 2000' on Thursday. (Then we might do some real mushing!) On a gloomy note, I am grounded temporarily from my bikejoring. I pretty much torqued my bike this weekend, so it is in the shop for an hour and 20 minute rebuild. All my real mushing news should acually be happening primarily on my newblogspot now, but frankly, aside from water flow, and a few meager bulbs, I've little to share.

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Dear Friends and BlogVisitors,
As we look toward the holidays and the new year, I pray that each of our spirits are filled with abundant joy and peace; enough to fill us up, with plenty to share within our families, neighborhoods, communities and the world!


Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Mid-December Post

First Snow on Mount Lassik, not Lassen; Thanks Gramps! ...Below, one of my favorite subjects. Bear Butte.
Sky Shows at Sunset...coming earlier and earlier. Thank goodness it is just 10 more days until we start to wind our way back to summer. Yay!
Persimmon...Leaves all gone and fruit hanging heavy. The only way we even eat persimmon is mixed 1-1 with stiffly whipped and liberally sweetened cream. YUM!
This Tree has Issues...The Pink Pearl. It bloomed like mad last spring and then just limped through the summer. It barely had any growth and really, few leaves to even speak of. Notice above, its generally scraggly appearance new growth totalling about 4", maybe. Also notice, super imposed on this sorry example of an apple tree, an image of an apple blossom. Dec 10th this stressed little thing is trying to bloom! Maybe the extra food and water I threw its way this summer finally took effect. Or is it a desperate attempt at life before its final demise? Stay tuned. Below, the last of the Zinnias. Normally by this time all of my annuals are done for. We had our first killing frost just days ago and this pot must be strategically placed to ensure some good air flow because they swear they're staying green and blooming another day!
Indoors the Narcissus is making a show...
Aloe..and Rose...Winter is in our midst. The days are mournfully short and the wind blows in every crack and crevasse with icy fingers. The garden rests. But for the persimmons all the perennial fruits have been gathered. I am a bit overblogged right now. I started a newblogspot for my pups. Snoopy was slobbering all over the homestead blog so I created one especially for them. SoHum Mushers, pretty funny really. I rode in the lighted parade in Garberville and registered under that it a loosely knit community , loose, like just one member. Over there I am posting all the great links and info about my new obsession. Truly obsessed. If I am not around here...check for me over there. Or actually on the trail - NO blog til you jog the dog! xxoo Jj

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Come December

The Green Returns to the Hills of Humboldt.... The river and creeks run high and murky.
The Sky Shows of Winter...November Full Moon...Below, Full Hunter's Moon...against the silhouette of faded cherry...
December brought with it a welcome storm with gusty high winds and lots of rain. I collected the max my rain gauge would hold (oops-forgot to empty it!) which is 6+ inches. There was over 10" of rain collected over a 24 hour period in Honeydew. Here, in the shadow of Clark's Butte, I wouldn't be surprised if we came very close to that amount. There is standing water in the yard, and 4" mole tunnels gush as if they were open valves! Impressive. Indoors, I am forcing a good number of Narcissus for enjoying through the holiday season. They are sprouting readily and will soon bless us with their merry blossoms and sweet intoxicating fragrance.
This is another Snoopy report. Sheesh! BlogHog or what? Here he is, post run. I hope I captured his bliss. Notice the slobbery face, slits for eyes, and enlarged tongue and mouth. He absolutely loves his running routine, and there are few days we are excused from going out with the Big Red Bike. It is his work, and he is a better dog for every mile we do. Again, I highly recommend running your dog. According to the trainers, it is exercise and discipline first, then affection. I can attest that it is working with this dog. He is calm, quiet, bonded and obedient for the most part. Due, I believe, to his strenuous work out routine. He's simply too pooped to be naughty!
The Fern in Golden Hues..reaching like the tall trees. ....Below, Local Art... Mr. Tiki is a regular now, it seems.