Saturday, March 01, 2008

March Marches In

Sunset on the EVE OF THE IDITAROD...You will find lots of great info HERE on my mushingblog. It is going to be a great race this year. There is a good amount of snow, and temps are on the cool side. On the home front, the sunsets have been stunning, as you can witness from the photos I have to share today. I must apologize in advance for the quirky quality of some of them. I am experimenting with new, low end, telephoto, and wide angle lenses. I've yet to completely crack the code on communicating with my camera over these new accessories. It's been too long since I contemplated f-stop and shutter speed...steep learning curve. Any tips would be appreciated. (yea, here's one; buy a better lens!)
Lassik Peak Looking Stunning...This shot actually worked. We've yet to see this range with such clarity, I love the sunshine splashing through the clouds...Below, The Orchard is Beginning to POP! Plums...
And Pear...Time to get that pruning done!
Dogs Looking Pensive and Inquisitive...There are plenty of dog focused entries on my MUSHINGBLOG. I have also been following the Iditarod Invitational over there. It is an incredible human-powered race over the Iditarod Trail, with souped up mountain bikes, skis, or on foot!! At home, we've had some great runs since the weather has cleared, and my health is on the upswing. Snoopy especially, has really proven himself and his willingness to learn. It has been difficult to deal with his social aggression issues, but in the last couple encounters with strange dogs he has actually displayed no aggression, and with just a bit of encouragement, (and maybe a shot from the spray bottle which I always have at the ready) he is happy to continue on. I think he is proud of his progress and accomplishments too. He is a strong dog and my only true musher. Pepper is cool, but she is along for the fun of it mostly. She has learned a new trick; in addition to her repertoire of other antics like bowing to me, whispering, rolling over and a super play dead, she now runs to the tissues and grabs one out of the box, bringing it to us on the cue "achoo" or "tissue"....Of course, when she gets anxious to serve, it is a bit annoying when she randomly grabs tissues and brings them to whoever will notice! No! You must wait until we say! Silly dog!
Pretty cool visuals around here lately. The shifting clouds are providing an amazing show. I am focused on finishing the pruning chores, constructing the bee gear, (bees are set to arrive April 10!) and am extremely motivated to plant the 25 grapes that await their new home...alas, the fencing for which is not even purchased, or up yet, and there is a pile of trees in the way; so body don't fail me now!

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