Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Snow, Rain and Sun

Plum Blossoms Heavy With Slushy Snow...Early Morning Cold and Snowy...
Visiting Pups...We had an exciting visit from our city pups and a good time was had by all. Snoopy continues to practice his social skills. What little aggression was displayed was easily quelled with Mr. Leave It, which consists of a small spray bottle. I needn't even spray it every time. Simply showing it to Snoopy, and asking him "Who's a leave it?" would cause him to turn tail and look away! He spent a lot of time each day just herding DJ, who is 75 lbs - and did not take too kindly to being circled endlessly...Patient dalmation/black lab that he is, he put up with it quite nicely. Good dog! Good teacher. Thank you DJ. Come back soon. Below, pups frolic in light snow.
It is spring all over. Despite the whiteness in these shots, the hills are green; trees and flowers bloom. My favorite time of day to shoot photos is late afternoon and just before sunset and lately I've been lucky to catch some sweet light. The passing showers and drifting clouds make for interesting spring visuals. Today brings rain and chill temps. More real soon. Below, TYKE really smiles.


Anonymous said...

I enjoy your daily nature quote feed, I have to stop by one a day just to read it!

Anonymous said...

Tyke is so cute! Thanks for the blog.