Saturday, March 08, 2008

Rainbow Post

Rainbows over the Eel River Valley.....These are already about a week old. It was one of those days when the weather cannot make up its mind and the rainbows start to dance. I'd been on a homesteading errand and I took it as a sign that my intentions are blessed.
The garden is starting to wake up and bloom. And the sky has been working overtime, more soon. Jj

P.S. Oop! Almost forgot, we've got a new bikejoring video on YouTube and don't forget to visit my mushingblog for some reporting on this year's Iditarod. The race is about halfway over for most of the mushers, and it looks like Lance Mackey may nail it again.


Kym said...

I can't decide if you are nuts or if you are having more fun than any sane person has the right to.

Kevin and I watched the video gasping in fear and laughing out loud. The end was perfect.



jojo roxx said...

hey grrl,
I read somewhere - when first researching this far fetched sport - that it helps if "insanity runs in your family." I guess I am working my genetic makeup for all it's worth! Seriously, bikejoring is death defying, but way too much fun! NOTE: For everyone's safety dogs must be well trained in basic obedience before they are hitched up to any vehicle, such as a bike, scooter or cart.I have more videos HERE

Margaret said...

Don't know why this didn't post yesterday. You're mushing in our traditional dog walking spot. I was watching and going look out woman, there's low hanging trees there.

jojo roxx said...

what a riot...actually that tree seems to have 'settled' some in the last storms i don't remember it being quite so out is right! I heart you for visiting my blog and commenting (I'm an Aries you know, so i need LOTS attention!) ;)