Saturday, March 10, 2007

Spring Ahead

Tonight is the eve of the annual Spring time change - spring ahead. It is occurring three weeks earlier this year, I am glad. In my opinion, they should phase out the winter time change all together. I love getting up early. The dogs are very cheerful in the morning and we do a daily walk that sets the tone for the day. It is enjoyable to get out, rain or shine, to check out the day and try to jog off some of the canine sillies. :) The plums, almonds, apricot, and early nectarine are all blooming. The pear blossoms swell. The daffodils are in full show. It is past time to get the first peas planted, but with the abundant snow and rain last month, any peas that were planted on time (Presidents Day) are most likely rotted, because it was simply too cold to even sprout! Peas can be planted through April or May so today I will be preparing a bed for those, and tending to a lot of pruning chores.

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Rockin' Eye and I said...

I can't believe you taught your dogs to pup up!