Thursday, March 01, 2007

Log Wood Burning Through The Night...

OK enuff is enuff.
OF the fluffy white stuff.
All dripping.
I'm slipping.
Longing for the green turf.

Major damage was sustained to one of our rigs when another large oak branch broke under the weight of the snow. This one happened to be directly above the car, and in its fall it cleanly sheared off BOTH of the side view mirrors!! No broken glass (miraculously) - but the roof, and back door are both rather crumpled, and nary a quarter panel is free from some ding or crinkle.
The perils of country living.
The reason for full coverage insurance.

Lots MORE snow has fallen and the sky hasn't lifted but for a moment or two yesterday morning, when I raced out to photograph the blue.


Anonymous said...

Your blog is beautiful. It gives a real sense of the rural landscape we all live in.

Love, Daty and Kave

Heraldo said...

Lovely pictures.