Sunday, March 04, 2007

March - In Like a Snowy Lion

I am revived by the warmth and promise of the spring sunshine, and breezes.

All the snow, but for the shadowiest places, and most distant ridges, is gone. Yay!! The dogs have lost their snow crazies and we are diving into the earth with renewed vigor. I did some much needed weeding today, and tended to my rather large nursery of spring bulbs. They are all in 1 gallon pots and have pretty much filled their pots with their vigorous roots. I may need to change my plans on those guys, and stick 'em in the ground this year after all!

The Danjou Pear buds are just beginning to swell...............

The Greengage plum is first off the starting block....praying for a mild spring. This European style plum is very unique and quite delicious.

I love the almond tree. An almond tree lives about 3o years (compared to the long lived apple or pear both can top 100 years...! ). They grow very quickly and bear abundunt blossoms. I've yet to see more than one or two almonds but they have only been in the ground about 4 years.

A morning view of Bear Butte and the hills east of Garberville.

Garlic. My most dependable edible through the years. Tolerant and
hardy. I maintain my own seed stock by keeping back about 35-40
bulbs for replanting. One individual clove of garlic will give you a
whole bulb. Traditionally planted and harvested according to the
fall equinox and summer solstice. It can be planted as late as Feb.

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Eric V. Kirk said...

I love the shot of the valley fog!