Monday, March 12, 2007

Pink Moments

Days have been very warm and clear for the most part. Awesome valley fog in the morning that has been burning off very quickly. The temperature was a balmy 60* up here last night. The pea bed is done. Raspberries have been planted and I did enough pruning to give me a blister. Ouch! I cut so much wood out of the almond tree. It is just 4 years old and is already at least 6 inches in diameter at the trunk. Domesticated fruit trees, by their very nature, create too many branches. The bulk of my pruning at this stage is choosing good form. The books recommend branch spacing of 4"-8". Dan recommends 15"!! He also advocates severe pruning of the poor persimmon! I generally space my branches between 3" and 12".


Anonymous said...

who was your cat flipping off when you took that?

jojoroxx said...

Hey! Don't mess with him! He's 1/8th BOB CAT! Interesting story behind our acquisition of that nice, I may tell it sometime. (sorry Tim- he just likes us more...or is it the gravy?)