Wednesday, May 23, 2007

New Moon Colors Part Two

The yard in alive with color... So many columbine, snapdragon, carnation, iris, late blooming bulbs , wild flowers, daisies and roses. BELOW - another close up of the "4th of July" Rose...
The Fourth of July Rose...All the roses are in abundance right now. I am only beginning to explore the world of roses, there are so many colors and varieties one could really go 'wild'!

Some unknown blooming shrub from my friend Will. Any ideas? Is it a cork oak? It now has small roundish 'berries' on it.
Nectarine AWESOME variety like 'Stanwick'.This nectarine is very hardy and so far is quite prolific for being just 5 years old. As you can see it has the peach leaf curl, but just mildly. The other two nectarines trees that I have, have both been affected pretty badly this year, and the weaker of the two looks like it may even succumb to it. Peaches/nectarines (botanically they are identical) are overall fussy and problematic. Peach leaf curl, borers, and strange weeping viral trunk conditions all make for a hassle, and potential disappointment in the orchard. BUT-When you succeed in getting fruit, it makes it all worth it. This variety has super juicy green flesh with a smooth blushed skin - Delicious!
Trip to Shelter Cove for Mom's Day...Awesome, sunny and calm. Snoopy had to spend the bulk of his time in his kennel, as he chose to viciously attack any dog (of which there were many) that came near us! More on canine aggression/puppy socialization later....
Big Splash ...Pelicans Diving...The Cove was alive with seals and birds.
My Pet Garden Spider.... makes a second appearance ! With a friend!

Borage like you've never seen b-4.

More later. I hope you enjoy the colors of the New Moon, I sure have. Blessings. Jj

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jim said...

can you get a pic of the trunk of your potential cork oak? we have several here in santa cruz, I can usually tell by what the bark looks like on the trunk, but have never seen any berries on them.