Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Feeling Summer

The Salmon Creek.....The water is fairly high, and very cold!

The Columbine....many cup shaped flowers are beautiful homes for spiders. This is a baby garden spider. When her colors are developed she is a striking yellow and brown.

More Insect Life.......

Old Ranch Rose in the Shadows...

Bing Type Cherry...This is a young tree just 4 years old and already fruiting for its second year!! To outwit the birds, who will relentlessly trim the harvest, this fruit tree will be secured with reemay, or tree netting depending on size and amout of fruit. Reemay is also know as 'floating row cover'. It is very useful, as it completely shields the fruit (unlike netting) and also shades it slightly (83% light) which protects it from the burning sunshine.

More Plums...these are late blooming golden plums. This tree has been in the ground just two years.

Awesome GreenGage Plum....

Old Vineyard in Briceland, up Winery Road....I have the pleasure of caring for some mature (20+years) grape vines. There are Chardonney,Pinot Noir, andthree short rows of table grapes. This was a rescue mission and thanks to my young strong friends (yay! S & J!!) we were able to finish all the pruning this weekend...I know I know,pretty late to be pruning grapes! Like I said, rescue mission. We even rehabilitated the table grapes, which hadn't been pruned in many seasons. I got a blister. Ouch! We may be enjoying a true bounty here, come fall...

Ancient Old Growth Grape...more pics to come...
Dog Play...I Love My Dogs...What can I say? They are wonderful companions, and I am uplifted by their playful and loving energy.

Hmm...Loving Energy?? Great agro shot of Snoopy. He is fired up!!
Portrait of a Calm Canine....Snoopy 5/1/07

Pepper, she is truly the smartest and most willing canine I have ever worked with. Her eagerness to please and perform are such an asset to our "pack." Rare Portrait of Inquiry...she is all too wise to the camera and as a result I have many shots of the side of her face as she LOVES to look away when I try to take her picture!!

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