Wednesday, April 04, 2007


My blogarhythms are off. It is too nice outside and too rigid in here. I can't believe how quickly everything bursting out! There are way-cute baby almonds and an abundant plum set as well. I hope to take pics in the softening light of this evening. Everything is so dry already. I ran the sprinkler all day. The cabbages, strawberries, garlic, raspberries, leeks, onions, and the new iris/bulb bed all got a soaking. Dry, dry, dry. I am hustling to get any pot bound juveniles in the ground. I've set out a lovely array of daffodils that I raised in 1 gallon pots all amongst the dwarf deciduous redwoods I planted earlier. NOTE: Congratulations to Jim for winning the first "name that plant" contest! He settled my confusion and taught us all a thing or two...figures, like everything it seems, they are from CHINA!! :)

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