Monday, March 02, 2009

Quickie Early March Post

Nectarine Blooms...Below Early Morning View of Snow Dusted Mt Lassik.Playful Clouds Precede the Rain...Below, Massive Plum Bloom. Alas, all weekend, and all this coming week they will do it in the rain and cold, leaving little hope of any visits from valuable pollinators.
Busy Bee... Trying to beat the recent spring storms...Below, Miniature Narcissus and a Lone Daffodil.

The weather has been blustery, rainy, and cold. I have made small headway on the pruning and am generally tidying up in preparation for spring. The days are noticeably longer and we are looking forward to another beautiful and inspiring spring. The recent rains have lessoned water concerns somewhat and with yet another week of the wet stuff in the forecast we are feeling truly blessed. I am riding with the dogs in the mud and rain, a lot. We are loving it. Updates from our dog sled racing escapades HERE. On a sad note, one of my beehives has gone queen-less in the last month, same one I was forced to re-queen in June. They have NO brood and what appears to be multiple eggs in some cells. This is a clear sign of laying workers, which can only result from lack of a good queen. What just two months ago was a respectable, feisty and normal looking hive, has been reduced to a anemic little cluster of bees that should really just be combined with my good hive and forgotten about. But I am hesitant, and waiting for warmer days. Sigh. Full report to come.


Kym said...

Your plum blossoms turned out so sweet with the sun on them. This rain is destroying mine. Already they are turning yellowish and floating down to cling like pallid teardrop stickers to everything in the driveway.

jojo said...

Kym, you are as poetic and observant as ever. I love your generous spirit. Thanks for dropping by, and commenting too! True, the plum blossoms really bear the brunt of March's machismo!

xxoo Jj