Saturday, February 21, 2009

HUMDOG adoption fair tomorrow

Looking for that perfect farm dog? Humdog adoption fair & show sunday REDWOOD ACRES SUNDAY!
If you are looking for that wonderful working dog for your farm or garden, Come this weekend to Redwood Acres, Both the arts and crafts building AND the main hall will be filled with lovables looking for quality homes and all things dog. SUNDAY 11 TO 4PM AT REDWOOD ACRES!!!!
Are you looking for your best dog? Do you want to tell your story about your new pal? If you want a wonderful working dog or family pet, you MUST check out the Humdog event this Sunday at Redwood Acres! This is not a small event by any means! Two buildings full or wiggling fun! Lots of activities and special animals from every corner of Humboldt County! There will be fun treats, collars, leashes, toys, clothes and food for your pets, tons of rescue groups and dogs wanting a loving home, and much much more! PLEASE come if you can activities will be in the Franchisi Hall and the Arts and Crafts building. 11 to 4PM this Sunday! We who are participating look forward to seeing you there!!!!!
Found on Craigslist and reposted here. See you there?

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