Thursday, January 22, 2009

Quickie Mid-January Post

Bees Gathering Pollen...crucial food for brood rearing which should begin in earnest in February. I inspected the hives last week and both queens have started (continued?) laying. One hive in particular had nearly 2 frames of brood, in all stages. Beautiful! Below, Coyote Brush in Full Bloom.
Low Flowing Creek...Mid January should see these creeks rushing, and even overflowing their banks. Two weeks of temps nearing 85* (!) has the waters running low, and the plum blossoms plumping. More images to share soon.

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Kym said...

Its nice to have the creeks back rushing again. I never would have guessed your hives would be so busy. And, the coyote brush photos are beautiful I'm going to try to get a photo or two of my own here.