Thursday, January 08, 2009

JULY -DEC '08 YEAR IN REVIEW -no posts in sept!

JULY Fires, Smoke, Heat, raspberries, mega fruit and way too many flowers...1st honey harvest!
AUGUST Apples, Grapes, Greens and Beans. Tigger comes homes after a 2 week absence~ September - no posts! shame on me.... October Head in the clouds with the vista shots...seemingly endless pears and greens, flowers for days and more bees tales...
NOVEMBER Late fall, Tomatoes, Apples, Bees, Fall Colors and Flowers... rose unfolding
............pear tree with leaves of fire is winter's dawn
DECEMBER ...Seems just a day ago...Snow, Late Cold, Holidays
Year in Review all done. For more on Dec...scroll up. For more on last year in general, check out archives: Click and Marvel. I'm moving forward into 2009 gratefully. Thanks for joining me in this mystery. xxoo Jj

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