Monday, December 22, 2008

Holiday Joy to You and Yours

Winter Arrives.
Fir Trees Laden with about 7" of snow. Below, Stump Snow Sculpture and Persimmon.

Rain Gauge and Bee Hive piled high with snow.
Nectarine ...and Snoopy in Motion. Snow Dogs GO!

Bee Hives Hunkered Down...notice wind break constructed of recycled pallets. And atop the hives are pieces of fire wood , to keep the covers from blowing off in severe wind. Below, Visiting Quail.
The Holidays are upon us and winter is in our midst. We have faired pretty well considering the severe storms and cold weather that has dominated the forecast for more than a week. The garden has been forced into submission. Many worker bees have died and I am finding their bodies covering the floor of and the entrance to the hives. Big strong hives have more bees to lose. So in a sense, it is a good sign. The numbers I am finding are not excessive (less than 100) but it is dramatic none the less. A knock upon the outside of the hive causes an audible "BUZZ" to well up from within. It is a reassuring sound when temperatures are below 30*, and snow is piling up all around. The dogs have been very energized, and we have had some really great runs this month. The lighted parade, and a bit of sledding with the kids, rounded out their week's activities. I hope to blog about it over at the sohummush site...but we'll see how time goes. Busy busy busy. Hurry up and relax~!~


Kym said...

Merry Christmas! You capture the beauty of your place and its incredible view. The photo of the leaves and icicle is breathtaking --the color and the background are amazing together. Kevin just walking by commented on how lovely it was.

The quail are sweet too.

Indie said...

This is all gorgeous and those cookies inspire me to head to the kitchen. Merry Christmas and thank you for your wonderful blog.

Jim said...

Merry Christmas and happy New Year!
I think these snow shots are my favorite of the year, they are just so pretty and contrasting to everything that comes out the rest of the year.
Ditto on the quails, too cute.

sohumborn said...

Wonderful pictures!
I'm in love with your bees... said...

What a wonderful collection! Thank you for sharing your images!

jojo said...

wow! 5 comments. i heart u people..