Tuesday, December 18, 2007

December Wind and Rain

Reflection of Winter...A rain dotted Feng Shui device reflects the Firs and the grayness of the day...Below, the Calendula. Calendulas are carefree and rewarding flowers for the Humboldt homestead. Scatter them once and enjoy them for years!Can You See the Rainbow? I'm chasing rainbows in between the showers.
Narcissus Show...Sort of Ordinary, but actually quite Extraordinary...When you think about it...and breathe their intoxicating scent...Summery Dreams fill the air...
I'd like to climb right in and bask in the glow...
The Waters Run High...and Upward... These shots came not from a creek, but my yard. Abundant bubbling rivulets dot the landscape now.
Sweet Pea...Fading but not forgotten...Below, The newness and promise of the rain flow juxtaposed against the finality of the oak leaf's passing...sigh.
Pitter Patter goes the rain. Oh, and also galloosh, swoosh, whish and splash... The wind was way windy last night... so there were also some thumps and clunks, as a few wayward branches hit the roof or deck... The rainfall has been pretty steady since Sunday. I collected 3.2 " this morning from the last 48 hrs. There was more rain today, and more rain is in the forecast. Snow levels may hit 2000' on Thursday. (Then we might do some real mushing!) On a gloomy note, I am grounded temporarily from my bikejoring. I pretty much torqued my bike this weekend, so it is in the shop for an hour and 20 minute rebuild. All my real mushing news should acually be happening primarily on my newblogspot now, but frankly, aside from water flow, and a few meager bulbs, I've little to share.

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Dear Friends and BlogVisitors,
As we look toward the holidays and the new year, I pray that each of our spirits are filled with abundant joy and peace; enough to fill us up, with plenty to share within our families, neighborhoods, communities and the world!



Kym said...

I had tried to capture photos on some of these beautiful parts of our area and I failed. Thank you for doing it for me.

jojo roxx said...

Uh excuse me, but THIS captures it...andTHIS!! and countless other images and poetry bits you've blessed your blogreaders with, silly lass! Now I think you better go smack some boards into pieces and remember you got it going on grrl!!

A photographer i trust admitted to me that most pics looks better if they've been tweeked some in photo shoppe. I like to employ auto levels; sometimes fading them or multiplying them afterwards..or going back to the original and manually tweeking the levels, if they even need it at all! I love to bump the contrast up a tiny bit and lighten or darken as needed. Many photos are left untouched for lack of time, or simply because they work as they were shot. Still wish i had a telephoto though...