Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Come December

The Green Returns to the Hills of Humboldt.... The river and creeks run high and murky.
The Sky Shows of Winter...November Full Moon...Below, Full Hunter's Moon...against the silhouette of faded cherry...
December brought with it a welcome storm with gusty high winds and lots of rain. I collected the max my rain gauge would hold (oops-forgot to empty it!) which is 6+ inches. There was over 10" of rain collected over a 24 hour period in Honeydew. Here, in the shadow of Clark's Butte, I wouldn't be surprised if we came very close to that amount. There is standing water in the yard, and 4" mole tunnels gush as if they were open valves! Impressive. Indoors, I am forcing a good number of Narcissus for enjoying through the holiday season. They are sprouting readily and will soon bless us with their merry blossoms and sweet intoxicating fragrance.
This is another Snoopy report. Sheesh! BlogHog or what? Here he is, post run. I hope I captured his bliss. Notice the slobbery face, slits for eyes, and enlarged tongue and mouth. He absolutely loves his running routine, and there are few days we are excused from going out with the Big Red Bike. It is his work, and he is a better dog for every mile we do. Again, I highly recommend running your dog. According to the trainers, it is exercise and discipline first, then affection. I can attest that it is working with this dog. He is calm, quiet, bonded and obedient for the most part. Due, I believe, to his strenuous work out routine. He's simply too pooped to be naughty!
The Fern in Golden Hues..reaching like the tall trees. ....Below, Local Art... Mr. Tiki is a regular now, it seems.


Headwrapper said...

Where'd Mr Tiki come from? He looks like he's related to the Easter Island statues

jojo roxx said...

Mr Tiki is a creation of a long ago local (salmon creek) artist named Fenwick. Whatever happened to him...I know not. He was an artist not unlike yourself mr headwrapper, earthy, radical, and appreciative of inspiration, and supplies from the natural world. During the period of this sculpture (he'd salvaged a huge fallen tree, madrone- i think) he made the sweetest series of GIANT blocks, with letters on each side like the classic child's block but they were like 4' tall! Thanks for stopping by, and commenting - love those comments! xxoo Jj

Headwrapper said...

giant children's blocks