Friday, February 23, 2007

More pics from SNOWDAY, + tribute to kitties

  • One of the amazing fractures of the morning yesterday. The two oaks that broke are quite close to the if we can just train it to split itself up and hop on over to the wood pile!

    • The long lived Century Plant seems unfazed by the snow...

    • The garlic standing tall in about 4" of snow....Loving it!!

    • Tigger our "scaredy" cat, adopted from Ruby Valley, finally makes the blog. She dislikes other cats, dogs, especially puppies, and primarily resides (hides) in my daughter's room. Her companion Nala entered into the food chain (Barn owl? Coyote?) in October of 2005, her disappearance triggered our aquisition of Pepper. Poor Tigger, nothing has been the same since then!
    • Nala and Tigger back in the day.....RIP little Nala....

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      Team Lost Coast Brewery said...

      Wow Jojo! Gorgeous blog! I love all the pictures- make me nostalic for the hills of home. Love to you and yours :)
      _emma and tsering
      aka- Team Lost COast Brewery