Sunday, March 21, 2010

Feb/Mar 2010

New PUP comes to the homestead!! Full Story >HERE<>It SNOWED!! A pretty good snow fell in early March...Snoopy and Pepper LOVE the snow.
Snow covered hills and blue skies. Below, almonds are in bloom.
Spring means FLOWERS!!
Chilly snowy morning ...When does it snow in Nor Cal?? When the PLUM TREES ARE IN FULL BLOOM - OF COURSE!!


Anonymous said...

The wind tossed tulips and the apple blossom (?) are beautiful. I love your photos. Thank you!

its funny how with just two miles separating us even though a lot of our images are similar some are so different. Not one of my tulips is up yet.

jojo said...

hey thnx for stopping by...the flowers that look a bit like windblown tulips are actually the early blooming anemone. Tuplips are up and blooming now>?< here they are...