Sunday, October 19, 2008

Mid October 2008

Early Morning Descending the Ridge...Life is sweeter above the fog.Roses..Note the rose above: A Sprawling Newly Planted Rose with a ready made family, as Borage and Nasturtium have both volunteered everywhere nearby. Below, Still More Flowers.... This is the tail end of the colors of summer. I do love how intense the hues get as the temperatures drop. Calendula, Hollyhock, Mums, Cosmos, Snapdragon, both Perennial and Annual Sunflower, and Asters...all make an appearance for fall.Sun Setting on Honey Bee's Life...Worker Bees live just 40 days. Perched on a perennial sunflower, this honey bee was nearly done for in the cool shadows of a fall evening. Perennial Sunflowers are a very rewarding, low care flower for late autumn color. They need little water, and will grow to over 6' tall. Impressive.
Figs, Cabbage, Raspberries and Tomatoes offering up PURPLES and REDS! The Mustard Greens...They are too good in salad, soups or stir-fry! Below, Late Crop of Peas...coming on...Art...and Poetry. The Mural is Floor Art, sort of a mock rug. Below, interesting Ring Neck Pheasant in the local Community Park..too shy for a close up.
Below, oddly enhanced image of a house plant ...I love the unique contours/contrasts. It has been a beautiful Autumn with warm days, cool nights and not a lot of wind. My beehives have both built up wonderfully, and I am confident that they are heading into the winter well prepared. I still need to do a final inspection and erect a wind break. The apples and raspberries are all coming on strong, and we may even get some figs this year. I am doing a lot of bikejoring with the pups, and I do hope to update my mushing blog too...soon. We are all still very occupied with school. Cool mural above, huh? xxoo, jj

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Headwrapper said...

Wow! a ring neck pheasant! good poem...