Thursday, August 14, 2008

Onward Towards Fall

FLOWER SHOW CONTINUED: Cacti above, Echinacea, with Bumble Bee Browsing, below.
Honey Bee in Sunflower Bliss. I was a little insulted at first, when the sunflowers started blooming and the bees appeared to ignore them completely! Within about a week they soon discovered their sweetness. Now I'm happy. Below, the Skin Gets Tight as a Rose "bursts" into bloom...
Zinnia...Below, Intimate Snapdragon...
Sunflowers by the Bunch...I planted so many sunflowers. We are all enjoying them.
Honey Bee Loving the Spearmint Blossoms....The mint has been a HUGE hit with the bees. It is a carefree, though often invasive, perennial herb for the garden. I am appreciating it more. Below, Green Bean Blossom.Swirling Pumpkin Tendrils....Curly! Below, the extremely popular (with the bees at least) Pumpkin Blossom. Hey! Move over!
Golden Shiro Plum and below, the Gravenstien.
The flowers and veggies are kicking butt around here, but the fruit has been a fiasco. Damn birds. What more need I say? Though we did get to enjoy all the golden plums and most of the red ones, they reduced the nectarines, of which there were quite a few, to pits and skins in a matter of one day! Frankly, I spaced. I knew they were getting close, and then WHAM! ...they caught me off guard. I was shocked! Every blessed one was a hollow shell of its former juiciness. Nectarines are best picked just before they are ripe, and are then allowed to ripen off the tree. We got to eat just 3 :( The Red Summer Pears were a similar story, in that the window of ripeness is a narrow one. One day they were fine eaten off right off the tree, and just a couple days later there was a great many that had been molested, were laying on the ground and the cores had begun to soften and brown. These are a red pear, that have a similar texture to an apple. We did get to consume far more of those, but still...annoying. I am watering, feeding, and weeding - why? Oh right, to feed the birds! Physically I have been having a difficult time logging much time at the computer. Hip trips. So it's Granny Speed, full throttle ahead, onward to fall. Can you even believe it??


Kym said...

The zinnia with the tiny yellow flowers is spectacular.

I hope your kitty comes home.

jojo roxx said...

Kym, your hopes were not for naught. Is that cool or what? You are a top notch blogger, thank you for tapping by!