Friday, July 11, 2008

My Favorite Kind of Weather: Hot and Smoky

85* at Dawn...Smoky skies and oppressive heat were the theme of the week.
Bear Butte...Obscured by the haze. Below, my new hobby: Killing Yellow Jackets... Pretty Cool Snake...He was just hanging around the Butterfly Bush. Below, Blooms of Statice, Yucca and Rose.
Climbing Rose on a Clear Day...Below, Simba ala Photoshop. Find edges, then fade find edges/multiply. It makes it appear like a water color or acrylic painting. The Gladiola blossom at the end of this post received similar treatment
Close up of the Sunflower...Hairy! Below, Echinacea.
Glads...and Day Lilies...
This week saw record heat in our neck of the woods. I worked the bees and had a very interesting time of it. My strong hive is absolutely jammed with honey in the upper brood box but they have barely started working the top super. They are backing off on the syrup (finally! little lickers..) and I am set to receive some spare deep frames in a couple days to open up the brood box with. We can harvest a couple frames of honey in the process. The deep hive bodies are a bit of a problem for me. Full, they weigh in excess of 80 lbs! I nearly had a hernia trying to lift the top one off! There is a flow on. Clover, I think. Weak hive has brood and eggs. It appears to be building up again. Both hives have mega pollen stores as well. Yea! I water and mulch.

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Kym said...

Your snake with the carrot juice mustache cracks me up.