Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Catching Light - Part One

What can be said? The rain was sweet and now, the sun is a blessing. We still have not had our first frost, which in my experience has come to the ridges in Humboldt like clockwork, around the 15th of November. El Nino or something...

Short blog today. I have lots more pics4U.
More later.

Oh, I must comment on what a great dog Snoopy has been. As you can see by the above pic of Buster and him napping, he is learning to leave it, quite well. Good doggie. He is really showing good focus. The bikejoring has been awesome. Pepper has learned to run in front! We took it on purely by chance, as the brass unit which held her in line, sheared off. I knew it was something we would have to address if we ever wanted to compete or participate in club events. The teams must run in front. She has been trained only to the walkydog which holds the dog alongside the bike. We have for the most part really liked it. I highly recommend these if you just want to get out and exercise your dog. I can't vouch for the quality though, this one was just about a year old, and the metal broke clean through. Too much muscle in that hyped up Russel....Anyway, we were at the park, and there was no not doing this ride. So, I strapped her to the double leash I hook Snoopy up with, and told her to Go out! I had two more crucial equipment failures at the onset of that ride that involved the dogs breaking away from my bike! I told them to Stop - Wait!! and they actually did! Twice! Back to the car a couple times to retrofit for some double tugging, and we were off! They easily completed the nearly 3 miles through winding singletrack in 20 minutes with Pepper running wheel, like a pro, right at Snoopy's hip the whole time. Double good dog. It's beginning to look a lot like...

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