Monday, September 03, 2007

Untitled September Post

The Honeybee...The bees are really enjoying the many sunflowers, and other annuals that are in bloom right now. I've even seen them get a bit aggressive, pushing the bumblebees away from a desired blossom. They are flying around absolutely covered in pollen!
Late Nectarine...These have white flesh and are very sweet...They can be picked as soon as they start to soften and left to ripen off the tree.
Fall Crop of Raspberries Coming On...goldens and reds, above...The Persimmon, below...I love their little hats!
Red Pear...These have started to drop...their texture is a lot like the Bartlett. Pears must be picked when the color is developed, they start to fall, and can be easily picked by lifting upward gently on the fruit. They must be removed from the tree before they are absolutely ripe. They ripen off the tree in about 5-7 days. If left on the tree, they can become mealy or grainy.
Above, Gravenstein Apples...First year for this tree to bear fruit, and what beautiful flavorful apples they were! Gravenstein are the earliest, next to the Wealthy, that we have growing up here. They are a wonderful applesauce, or pie apple. They are also delicious fresh. They are crisp and spritzy! Below, the Satsuma Plum...It has given us an abundance of dark red, meaty, freestone plums. These are wonderful for eating fresh, drying, or canning up as sauce, or whole plums in syrup.
Goat Rock Above...Battleship Rock From Afar, Below....
Church Series...
The Roundest Plumpest Little Pumpkin ....Autumn is bearing down on me. The naked ladies and nectarines scent the air with fruity sweetness. The grapes are coming in, and the apples have begun to fall. The weather overall, has been very warm these last couple of weeks, (90+) and I have enjoyed it immensely. Watering chores are many, but I'm enjoying the feel of a California Summer...while I still have a chance! Too soon, the leaves will fall en mass, days will be cool, and the nights cooler still.... and I'll be left with a longing for spring~

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