Friday, July 13, 2007

9 days a week

Butterfly Bush....Sort of a water hog, and it has such a brief blooming period I am not certain I am 100% sold on this ornamental. The hummingbirds and bees adore this bush though...Ours is planted a bit too near the deck so I have to prune it back every fall after it is done blooming. Butterfly bush can tolerate a lot of pruning. Unpruned they can grow to well over 15ft.
What? Verbena? Teeny little seeds I got from Marian many years ago. They freely reseed, and have established themselves all over the yard. I dig them up like weeds. They are not much unlike the feverfew, lemon balm, or catnip which all border on invasive but at least these are somewhat polite in their sparse leggy habits. They are interesting, spiky, background type flowers, and can grow to nearly 6 ft. tall. The purple blooms continue until frost.
My Aloe (not medicinal -but some form of aloe) Makes a Dash for the Sky...I love the blooms from succulents.
Danjou Pears...
Whoa. So much for posting at least weekly. No digital life. The summer is a rush of heat and chores. A kaleidoscope of changing beauty. Odd shots from early July today. I need to download the paltry few pics I have taken this week, battery crisis. Sorry. We had some cloudy/windy weather last week and only today is it finally starting to get hot again. It brought thunder, and a wimpy little drizzle. It was from a Mexican monsoon blown too far northward...For now, the garlic has been harvested, and the plums are coming in. I lost an apple tree (6 years old!) to the vole/mole/varmint/critter realms, and the birds have started to eat the nectarines and are continuing their harassment of the apples. There are still millions of berries that we are getting to enjoy, and the ground is dry, dry, dry.....
Very weird digitally enhanced view to the northeast...Equally weird digitally enhanced view of the rose and it's leaves. Color takes me there.


Team Lost Coast Brewery said...

Hey JoJo
Nice to see you today when you stopped by, that's awesome that you are alreadu doing work to make the event happen! Check out the blog, new post about community rides :) Tell all your friends!

jojo said...

Reggae riding will rock!